Feirinha da Madrugada

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The lingerie is one of the best selling products at the fair, to have a huge variety and very attractive prices.
The Dawn of Feirinha attracts retailers and consumers of the country whole by offering high quality products for an irresistible price. The variety of products and great price differentials that are only found in the crafts fair in the morning in the neighborhood of Bras in Sao Paulo, which operates 3 ​​o´clock in the morning until 10 a

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The Feirinha of Dawn is a very sought after for those who want to buy everything with price differentiation between wholesale and retail.

In year 10 years ago, the crafts fair in the morning offers prices for consumers and retailers must. The fair has begin at 3:00 am and ends 10:00. People seek to arrive before the show opened in order to organize and get the best products.

The show begins at dawn by travelers and distributors of products arrive this time, so retailers and consumers can come together to bring the best products for a very affordable price.

Several products are marketed as T-shirts, lingerie, caps, accessories, perfumes and the famous handbags, which are the main products. Visit the crafts fair dawn is an unforgettable experience.

It happens throughout the region of Bras, but the greatest concentration is in the Streets East, Rua São Caetano, Monsignor de Andrade Street and follow the lanes of the main streets of the region.

Formerly the crafts fair was held in the street March 25 was transferred to the more Bras for being a bigger place and not in conflict with the tenants there.

There is a great concentration of people in the morning there, several buses bring people from across the country to carry out their purchases and even people from other countries. The trip always pays off, because everything is sold at the crafts fair is well accepted, good quality products are always trendy and priced cheap. Many people help in the family budget in purchasing and reselling Feirinha of Dawn in stores or others.

The Dawn of Feirinha runs from Monday to Saturday from 3:00 a.m. to 10:00.


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