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Stop for those going by boat to the east side of the island, the bag is one of the Eustachian recesses of calm waters and clear of all Ilhabela. There, two bars serve huge bowls of fresh seafood harvested in time, prices more than honest. An irresistible invitation to gluttony and sloth.

It is only 150 m of white sand, hidden deep within a small bay. The site is sheltered from the open sea by the tip of the Loggerhead, which separates the Eustachian Bay Castilians, and the island of Bzios, just ahead.

The Bag Eustace is south beach Guanxuma and immediately north of the beaches of Cat and Castilians. Behind bars, a small increase allows a 360 panoramic view of the geography of the Bay of Castilian, the Loggerhead Point, the islands sawmill and Eustaces own bag.


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