Estação da Luz

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The Season of Light at night, a charm
One of the most charming places in São Paulo, the season of Light attracts people because it is landmark for the state of Sao Paulo and is one of the main access routes to Sao Paulo from the periphery to the center. The season of Light reserves several things that reveal the city´s past.

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The light rail station was opened to the public in 1901. Its facilities occupy 7500 meters square of the Garden of Light and was built by St. Paul Railway Company structures, brought from England, who copy the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

The Season of Light is the main evidence of the importance and development that the coffee culture - which required the railroad to increase the flow of product Jundiaí to the port of Santos - has brought to the city as to the State.

The importance of the Sao Paulo Railway Station, as it was officially known, lasted until the end of World War II, after this period, the railway was being replaced by air and road transport. Then, the station began receiving suburban trains.

It is located on the periphery of the center, at the end of Avenida Casper Libero.


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