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The hallmark of Epcot marks the entrance to the park and has charms
Epcot Park is like a park of the future, for experimental studies. However, the unit of study has never existed, has been innovating more each passing day, never been surpassed. The park is divided into two parts, a futurist and the other with the nations of the world, divided by a huge pond.

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Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, in Portuguese, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and was actually the original idea of ​​Walt Disney for the Walt Disney World in 1966.

In this community of Disney dreams, nations exist in perfect harmony and peace survive the miraculous progress of technological development. Epcot would never be exceeded, because he always walks being updated.

The community itself has never existed, despite the recent venture of the Walt Disney Co. to create a closed city, the town of Celebration. Epcot is a park with a concern for education and, despite the paradox, is a very successful park.

Epcot is divided into two sections, Future World, with attractions and some "high tech" and World Showcase, another part that has to do with the nations of the world, separated by a large pond, the World Showcase Lagoon, where all night happens the show IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (Illuminations: Reflections of Earth), sound, lights and fireworks.

Good restaurants and interesting attractions make this a favorite park for adults. In recent years the park has received several new attractions, one of them is inspired by Disney-Pixar´s "Finding Nemo" called "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" in which people enter into "clamobiles" and traveling down to the sea and see Nemo and his friends in super realistic projections, and other surprises, as one of the largest freshwater aquarium in the world.

Other attractions worth mentioning: Soarin, a flight simulator delta wing, the Mission: Space, where you´re an astronaut and you can choose to take a ride" light "or radical.

The last attraction was developed in partnership with HP and NASA, to generate a simulator as strong as a way out of the atmosphere experienced by astronauts.


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