Engenho Canoas

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One of the employees continuing in the production of honey
The Mill is a historic building canoes of Pernambuco. Built by Portuguese in the seventeenth century it aims to produce honey mill, molasses and rum. By visiting the plantation, and tasting the products produced at the site, you can also buy and take home.

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The Mill Canoas came over in 1786 is still considered one of the largest industries in Northeast Brazil. He is responsible for the production of Honey Mill, brown sugar and rum.

The headquarters of the mill is located on the outskirts of the district of Nossa Senhora do , 9 km away from the center of Porto de Galinhas. Access to the site is done by two km of the highway EP-009.

After following a road that cuts through an extensive plantation, visitors are greeted by a guide responsible for the mill. During the visit, he meets an English mill, 1850, a copper still and vats where the rum is aged.

After learning about the shape of brandy, honey and brown sugar mill, which can be tasted. Before leaving, visitors can still buy the products manufactured at the mill.


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