Dolphin Lookout

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Visit Dolphin is constant, they lavish beauty and grace to make the tourists
The Dolphin Lookout is the place where tourists gather to enjoy the beauty of the Dolphins, especially in the morning, when they take the time to nurse pups, rest and do tricks for tourists. From there you see it through binoculars. The swimming at this site is prohibited by law.

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The Dolphin Lookout is a lovely place, surrounded by natural details that make your vision more beautiful.

From there you can see, with the help of binoculars, the various and showing dolphins swimming in the sea.

The help of binoculars are essential because tourists can not dive in the waters where the dolphins are, as a matter of safety and environmental law.

The best time to enjoy the dolphins is in the morning, it is the time that they appear to feed their young, rest, play and make fun for tourists.

This is an unmissable tours of Fernando de Noronha. Also in the morning to make the trail to the lookout point where you expect the entry of dolphins in the bay. Although it takes to see the dawn.


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