Diving at Goat Island

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Ilhabela is one of the most interesting dive sites in the country. Considered the largest graveyard of ships along the Brazilian coast, sum 21 shipwrecks, from sailboats to ocean liners and freighters and tankers.

The diversity of dives is the largest in the So Paulo coast, with more than 129 km of coastline to explore. The fund is composed of large rocks, forming several holes and caves, where there is abundance of marine life and beautiful underwater scenery.

The marine life is most striking points preserved as the Ecological Sanctuary of Goat Island, which allows direct beach dives, having artificial reefs as a substrate truck and a statue in honor of Neptune.

One of the major interests of divers is also exploring the marine life, discover the mysteries surrounding the wrecks. Forming real "holes" or submerged artificial reefs, these vessels have become home to an endless variety of aquatic species, home to turtles, octopus and reef fish typical of naval architecture and denote the time when wrecked.

In the areas south and east of Ilhabela there is one of the highest rates of wrecks of ships from all over Brazil, with boats ranging from ships, sailboats and fishing boats which have lifted this beautiful island to the status of largest graveyard of ships of the country.


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