Diving and abseiling into the abyss Anhumas

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The gulf screamers has a unique entrance slit, and, while standing inside, turns landscape
The gulf Anhumas holds for you one of the most delightful experiences to practice during the trip to Bonito. Rappel down through a slit of 72 meters, you find the background a beautiful lake that holds many beauties, among them a huge diversity of fish.

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Anhumas The Abyss is a cave located 23 km from Nice. Access is through a crack in the rock that exists through the Rapel, a sport in which the tourist that equipped with ropes and assisted by professionals.

They are 72 meters of vertical descent, to the deck over the lake of crystal clear water is 80 meters deep. The descent offers a panoramic view of the cave with the feeling of being inside the earth.

In the lake, dozens of cones of limestone fill your surroundings with formations that reach 19 meters tall and can be observed in the tour that is conducted by boat.

In the dry there is a lounge with epeleotemas, a memorable beauty that nature has been carving for thousands of years.

The gap was totally open to visitors in 1999, with the beginning of research, training and development professional to provide all necessary security for those who visit the place.


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