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In the entrance of the neighborhood can feel the climate is different and many features await us.
The neighborhood of Santa Happiness is a traditional place of Curitiba, which includes 16 districts and is 7 km from the city center. Previously, the region was under immigrants, especially Italians, who at first were dedicated in the production of cheese and wine. Today it houses the city´s best restaurants.

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Santa Happiness is an administrative region of Curitiba, which involves 16 districts, including the Santa Happiness, which is 7km from the center. Preserves much of the culture brought by Italian immigrants in Curitiba.

The region was the former colonial Santa Happiness, formed by colonial settlements of immigrants, mainly Italians. The occupation took place more intensively from 1878, by immigrants from the regions of Veneto and Trento in northern Italy.

The Italians were initially dedicated to the production of cheese, wine and horticulture. Part of the land was donated by Dame Felicity Borges to Italian immigrants. Mrs. Bliss also gave its name to the neighborhood.

In 1891, given the strong religiosity of Italian immigrants, was erected at St. Joseph Church in Santa Happiness. In 1899, we built the first school.

At the turn of the 19th to the 20th, the region was inhabited by about 200 families. Some buildings of this era still exist in the region as Culpi House, Casa dos Arcos, the House of geraniums and the House of Paintings.

St. Felicity was also a way of passage of troops in the 18th and 19th centuries. the parade of troops, for rest and food, contributed to the culinary tradition of the neighborhood.

Today, Santa Happiness is home to about 30 restaurants, some with capacity for more than a thousand places. It also, wineries, wine canteens, craft shops and wicker furniture and rattan. Typical events as the annual Feast of polenta and chicken, Grove St. Kitts, express the traditions of Italian culture in Santa Happiness.


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