Disney´s Hollywood Studios Park

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The landmark entrance to the park is the Magic Hat Mickey
Disney´s Hollywood Studios Park comes after a bit of cinematic history of Walt Disney Studios. For those who enjoy movies and would like to know a little about the history of Disney, this is the place, besides being one of the most popular parks in Orlando. The place is simply charming and worthy of many photos.

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The park Disney´s Hollywood Studios is a collaboration of Disney theme park supremacy with the cinematic history of Walt Disney Studios.

Founded in 1989, was at first accused of copying the idea of ​​the Universal parks, but before the announcement of the plans of Universal Florida, Walt Disney Imagineering were already working on the project.

The park Disney´s Hollywood Studios is fun for children, youth and adults who are interested in cinema, not to mention Disney´s Hollywood Studios is one of the most famous parks of Walt Disney World Resort.

The idea is to celebrate the golden years of Hollywood, the 1930s and 1940s and also show scenes of productions that have already been made by the studio, beyond those which are under development.

Of all the Disney parks this is the fastest growing in recent years, with constant addition of new attractions. Disney´s Hollywood Studios can be safely be seen in one day. In times of summer, end of year holidays and is made a show of fireworks every day in the park closing time. The fireworks show has a soundtrack themes from classic films.

Daily stop Mullan, one of the Disney films, passes through the park with music and the characters in the story of brave little Chinese. Another show that deserves mention is the "Fantasmic", brought in and adapted from Disneyland in 1998.

The show, held in an amphitheater, shows a daily dream of the imagination of Mickey Mouse, who has turned his dream into a nightmare by the villains. The highlight of the show is when Mickey fight against Maleficent in dragon form.

Another attraction that draws attention is the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, where you witnesses the story of a family who stayed in the hotel and eventually transported to another dimension. In the same lure you has a super view of the entire park along with a fall of 13 stories.

In 2005, we installed a new operating system that creates endless possibilities for falling, making almost impossible the possibility of a visitor to have a double drop at the same point of attraction.


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