Disney´s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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Another water park that is well worth knowing is Disney´s Blizzard Beach Water Park, a place that enchants and provides unforgettable moments. Legend has it that the park would be disabled, more lively an alligator swimming around in melted ice from the former ski resort, thus making the reopening of the place.

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Opened on 1 April 1995, the park Disney´s Blizzard Beach is the newest water park in Walt Disney World Resort complex, having been built after the now closed Disney´s River Country and Disney´s Typhoon Lagoon.

The Imagineiros created the story that the area occupied by the Blizzard Beach was an unusual blizzard that culminated in the construction of the first ski resort in Florida, but the snow did not last long and the area was completely flooded.

The project would not always be disabled for an alligator that was spotted having fun on the ice melted. For this reason the former ski resort was reopened as a water park with the alligator as their mascot called "Ice Gator."

Disney´s Blizzard Beach offers a flurry of diverse attractions, including thrill rides, mild rides, raft trips in family style nozzles for small areas and very cool for the rest adults.

Racing Toboggan Racers, Cross Country Creek in buoys, diving down into the raft trips, as Runoff Rapids, discover children´s area Tike´s Peak, playing in a wave pool and an acre to experience the thrill of one of the highest slides and the nation s fastest, Summit Plummet.


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