Disney´s Animal Kingdom Park

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Disney´s Animal Kingdom Park is nothing more than a small safari inside the Disneyland. A theme park, unlike any other, with a charming style, and chilling. From the park you can meet animals, take a stroll among the woods and have fun watching a 3D movie inside a giant tree.

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Opened in April 1998, the Animal Kingdom is thus the newest park in the Walt Disney World, with an area five times larger than the first park, the Magic Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom is in Portuguese and the purpose is to celebrate the history of all animals: real, imaginary and extinct. There are seven different areas within the park, which can create a climate very natural and at the same time provide more high-tech attractions like Dinosaur!, An adventure into the world of dinosaurs that is made in Audio-Animatronics technology.

While the amusement park attraction for presents there is a real concern to animals, it can be seen mainly in Conservation station, where it is shown how many animals are put in the Animal Kingdom.

The idea to build the Animal Kingdom emerged at a meeting between Michael Eisner, Disney chairman and his group of designers, called Imagineers, in 1989. The park was built in three years and most animals were brought from Africa.

Every day is given the parade of animals, 14h and 11h, a celebration of joy and imagination that people are animals. Throughout the park you can find rare animals, accompanied by their handlers that are available to answer questions.

The most interesting thing about Tree Of Life (Tree of Life) is That there are carved faces of Several animals. Can You stroll among excellant roots and watch a wonderful movie in 3D Their roots below. The main character in the film is the film A Bug´s Life Flik, where he has un Talent Show.


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