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About Diamantina

Diamantina´s fame began with the discovery of precious stones, when the city was still known as the Festival of Tejuco, in the late 18th century. Even after the diamonds that were going to Portugal scarcer, the region remained in evidence, first, because of their personalities, as Chica da Silva, a slave who had life queen to marry a Portuguese contractor, and former President Juscelino Kubsticheck, the most illustrious son.

Then, depending on the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 1999 and showed the world an unspoilt formed by baroque churches and colonial houses scattered streets paved in stone and lit by lantern.

Diamantina, however, still gospel was ushered many other charms. Exhibited the frame formed by the exuberant the Espinhaço, dotted with caves and waterfalls, and the tradition of cultural festivals such as the serenades that gave rise to the most famous event in the region, Vesperata.

Held on Saturday nights, the concert gathers a crowd in the street Quitanda. At the time, the balconies of the colonial houses are made by musicians who play waltzes, boleros, sambas ... impossible not to be moved.

The rustic charm of the city spread further by its environs. A dirt road leads to a lot of dust and graceful villas Corn, Biribiri and São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras. Surrounded by trails, waterfalls, stone paths and nooks perfect for enjoying the culinary delicacies mining, reveal a piece of history where time has stopped.


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