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Next to complete his 60 years, Barry has international recognition for being considered the capital of the Rodeo.

The adrenaline that runs rampant in the public arena and the excitement of the party make a show worth watching. People from all over Brazil come check closely the biggest party of rodeo country.

Tons of equipment and rodeo teams from around the world make up this mega structure. In addition to the attractions in the international arena and on the stage, is one of rural events that receives the largest audience on the planet.

The Feast of Barry have pride and respect for its past, looks with courage and competence of its present and its future looks with the enthusiasm of someone who has almost 50 years of history to tell.

There are families in the Brazilian rodeo exclusively dedicated to the creation of bulls and horses for rodeos. Some stand out as the family of Catanduva Falque-SP, Paulo Emilio de Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo Felipe and Family Dollar, grandson of Oscar American engineer. "Chicao" and his two sons, family representatives Falque, call special attention for ridiculous behavior.

The "bullfighters" saved-lives for the safety and pedestrian life rodeo. Dressed in flashy to draw attention of the bulls. Often position themselves between the animal and the pedestrian, after the fall of the horse. The duo Django and Half Kilo stand out because they are coming from families of bullfighters circus.


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