Cotovelo Beach

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The reefs are stressed enter the vastness of natural beauty
The cliffs of Elbow draw attention to such beauty. Ideal for bathing, the beach has calm waters and Elbow limpas.A soft, white sand dunes attract tourists to visit an inviting b˙gui between them. His landscapes are beautiful and striking, amid so many natural beauties of northern Brazil.

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The first stop towards the south of Natal, Elbow Beach is 12 kilometers there and back from Ponta Negra enchanting landscapes for those seeking an unforgettable trip.

Elbow Beach has calm waters, allowing baths calm and worry-free. Dunes with soft sand and clear and provide an unforgettable experience with b˙gui visited.

The cliffs also enchant the elbow and allow a beautiful sight in the late afternoon. Being a secluded beach, Elbow welcomes tourists who seek a more peaceful and relaxing place to spend the season.

At night, around the beach you will find bars, cafes and restaurants open and you can relax and enjoy the journey quietly.


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