Copacabana Beach

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A postcard beautiful Copacabana
The Copacabana beach stands out for being a tourist in Rio de Janeiro that has become the attraction of artists and has been the scene of novels. The Copacabana Palace is another point that calls attention to the beach. Moreover, the Copacabana beach you can see the entire length of the coast of Rio de Janeiro from atop the Copacabana Fort.

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High point of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana also belongs to the upper class in Rio. With 4.15 km long beach reserve several natural beauties and sights that attracts people from around the world. Known as Princess of the Sea Copacabana is synonymous with elegance and luxury in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro, its no wonder that is the most famous beach in Rio

Busy day and night the Copacabana beach has kiosks wide range of modern and filled with sand volleyball nets and footvolley. Its boardwalk is super frequented mainly by artists who usually walk in the morning or enjoy a run in the late afternoon.

Along the boardwalk, a traditional bike path for those who prefer cycling on the seafront of Rio. Stage of the New Years Eve fireworks, FIFA has also been and still is the scene of unforgettable shows like the Stones Roliing on 18 February 2006 which attracted over one million people and one of the biggest parties of the new year world.

The neighborhood of Copacabana is surrounded by banks, shops, cinemas, churches and hotels, especially the traditional and known Copacabana Palace, one of the most elegant hotels in the world, and desire of all tourists a day of hosting it. The Copacabana Palace Hotel is located in the center of the entire length of the beach, facing the sea. In major events, the Copacabana Palace Hotel is the host of choice.

At night, the princess of the sea is busy due to excess of restaurants and bars around Copacabana. The parties also shake the night in Rio, and will often show the roundness of famous artists that are worth checking out.


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