Convento So Bernardino Sena

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The monastery St. Bernardine of Siena is one who entered convents in the history of Brazil. In the convent, the building has also been an orphanage and now houses the Secretariat of Culture of Angra dos Reis. His story is fascinating and allows us to know a little more of the past of our country.

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The convent of St. Bernardine of Siena was begun in 1758, along with the chapel of the Third Order.

Was abandoned in 1859, returning home as a primary school for orphans and only in 1937 when it was requisitioned by the government.

Nine years later, he returned to work as a convent and now, after several renovations, it becomes part of the Secretariat of Culture of Angra dos Reis.

During the year various cultural activities such as concerts, exhibitions and lectures take place there and is visited by many people.

In 1954 the Convent was declared as heritage


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