Convent of Santo Antonio

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The convent of St. Anthony is preparing for another annual fete
The Convent of St. Anthony holds many stories and beliefs of Ipojuca. It is there that the image of Santo Cristo, a statue of Jesus Christ crucified with his arms up and survived a fire which destroyed the church of the Convent in 1935.

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The Convent of St. Anthony, located in Ipojuca, is one of the oldest in Brazil and was founded in 1606 by Father Leonard of Jesus, at the time, Minister Provincial of the Franciscan Custody. It is regarded as a very artistic and historical heritage, having been listed by the Institute for National Artistic and Historical Heritage in 1937.

It is said that this year the 17th-century friar Leonardo, to play a second time toward the Franciscan Province of Brazil, promoted the simultaneous founding of Franciscan convents of Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Ipojuca. Given the religious importance of the convent of Ipojuca, this target was, for decades, many pilgrimages, representing a major milestone of the population of the municipality.

The convent is the only one that has the image of the crucified Jesus with his hands up, in a seamless cross.

According to legend, in a cleanup day, a novice broke the holy Altar and Main, for fear of being reprimanded, was the home of his uncle, a prominent merchant, who lived in Mill Trapiche, ask for help.

Then the novice asked his uncle who was to travel to Portugal, there to bring a new image, more, among many professional commitments, the boy´s uncle forgot about the order.

When the novice´s uncle left the ship back to Brazil, his uncle went looking for a new image and was surprised to come across a vendor that offered an image of Christ with arms raised. Thrilled, the merchant decided to buy it and returned to the ship to get the money to make the payment upon return found no more the seller, only the saint.

The uncle then brought the image, the work was not finished after all, she would need a cross. Not knowing where to look, the merchant and his nephew went to the woods of Mill Trapiche and, again, were surprised to find a tree with the exact shape of a cross. After these facts, the Holy Christ, how the image is known, gained fame and became the most important piece of the collection of the Convent of St. Anthony.

In 1935 the little church of the Convent of Santo Antonio was taken by fire, burning everything that was inside the church, except the image of the saint with his arms raised, since the image has become Ipojuca icon and was considered one of the largest miracles in Brazil, earning the name of Santo Cristo.


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