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About Conde

Less than 20 kilometers from the capital, the city of Conde, and his Jacumã district houses some of the most beautiful beaches of Paraiba as Carapibus, Tabatinga and Coqueirinho, plus Tambaba, famous for being the first in the region to allow the practice of naturism .

Wild, this stretch of coast impressive diversity of landscape, sometimes framed by cliffs and rocks, sometimes by palm trees and native vegetation. And there´s reefs, natural pools with crystal clear waters.

The beaches of Barra de Conde begin Gramame. With fishermen´s cottages and a beautiful visual formed by the sea to the river mouth, still offers good shade and a scenario virtually deserted. Already Carapibus is busiest - in particular on account of "maceió." Cliffs and palm trees complement the environment.

The buzz continues Coqueirinho with beach shack, coconut trees and a canyon natural colored clay. In Tambaba, curiosity and natural beauty attract tourists from all corners.

The beach is divided into two parts: the first, where naturism is allowed, but not required, has rock formations and tide pools. In the second part, access is allowed only to the naked.

Already in Tabatinga, in addition to the pristine beach, the emphasis is also on account of the good restaurants.


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