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After years of disuse, the theater was restored as the Program for Rehabilitation of the Historic Center, developed by the Municipality, and reopened in 2006.

Under the architectural point of view, the hierarchy of volume is composed of three blocks. As part of the cornice covered the first corner is beveled at an angle, forming an indentation on the front page. The terrace on the first floor is supported by Tuscan columns, creating a shelter on the ground floor for loading and unloading of passengers of cars, especially on rainy days. This marquee was a modification of the project, imported from Europe, struggled to adapt to the tropical climate.

It also required a large number of doors and windows. These openings are multiplied by four floors of the second and third blocks contributing to the ventilation of the building, aided by aircraft air change. Internally, methods and materials reflect the influences of manpower employed as a coating on plaster, a technique that mixes Spanish plaster and glue to imitate marble.

In decor, there is the art of Italian Adolfo Fonzari, illuminated by 39 chandeliers of the hall, distributed among 13 Doric columns characterized by simplicity.

Horseshoe-shaped, allowing the audience to observe every detail of the scenes.

The range of the orchestra had Wagnerian style, comprising 100 teachers. In actual numbers, the theater has: audience with 347 seats, 27 friezes; first 25 cabins (cabins of the foyer), 23 second (the balcony cabins), 80 seats of the balcony, the foyer numbered 101 galleries, 92 galleries from the balcony and an amphitheater with capacity for 110 lugares.O theater accommodates 1,000 spectators.

Coming from a sports arena with cycle track (velodrome) and court to the ball game, the Coliseum Santista Co. was acquired by Serrador to build a theater, opened in 1909.

During this period the building was often used for political activities, including a conference Ruy Barbosa of the historic monuments of the city. It was under the command of Manuel Ash that the theater received the final configuration, which opened in 1924.

Off in the 1980s, was listed in 1989.


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