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Again, the surprising number of fish
The Spa City is one of the most visited places in Bonito, by reserving a lot of fun and joy to you. There you can practice many sports and attractions, bathing in the clear waters of Bonito and take a sun

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The Spa City Beautiful is an attraction visited by tourists and local residents, seeking fun and relaxation in the midst of so many natural beauties.

Located seven kilometers from downtown Bonito, the resort is famous for its transparent waters. Another advantage of the resort city is the visitor to visit the attractive without the need of monitoring the local guide.

The crystalline waters of the Rio Formoso allow a clear view of fish and sizes varied. It is an appropriate place to spend the day and cool in a river of crystal clear water and a lot of fish.

The Spa has well-planned infrastructure and have parking, volleyball and beach soccer, cafeterias and restaurants, and kiosks with barbecue grills and toilets suitable for wheelchair users.


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