Church of St. Rita

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The church of Santa Rita is an icon of the city, preserved by law and an important part of the history of Parati
The Church of St. Rita is a very important place of Parati, it is the main icon of the early construction of the city. In order to unify all the Brazilian descent at the time were separated by the church itself, it is now landmark and reference point against prejudice.

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Erected by the Brotherhood of Saint Rita dos Pardos Freed on June 30, 1722 and had as vicar Father Manoel Cordeiro Braz. The church was built under the invocation of the original Baby Jesus, Santa Rita and Santa Quiteria.

In the eighteenth century, when Brazil was a colony, churches attended the classes, distinguished by skin color: white, browns (mulattoes) and blacks.

In Paraty, the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict intended to black people, Our Lady of Sorrows met the white elite, and the Church of Our Lady of Remedies was attended by popular white. In this context, the St. Rita Church was built to meet the browns (mulattoes) of Paraty.

The church functioned as a matrix, even in the eighteenth century, replacing the Cathedral, who was then in poor condition and unable to meet the growing population of the city. To this end, the Church of Santa Rita underwent renovation work and expansion.

The set was listed by IPHAN in 1952. In the period 1967 to 1976 took place the campaigns of restoration, re the set as the Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty.

Between 11-20 July is held the traditional feast of Saint Rita of Cascia, a religious event held since the founding of the temple, with processions, masses, litanies, and other songs.


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