Chocolate Factory

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The chocolate factory, with a European architecture, presents the tradition of cacao
The Chocolate Factory is a tremendous opportunity for anyone who admires or delights is a fan of cooking and wants to know more about the process of creating chocolates, liqueurs and truffles. The factory, you know step by step transformation of cocoa in chocolate and still has the right to try the delicious delicacies.

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With so many cocoa farms, nothing fairer than a chocolate factory is not it? So get to know the Islanders domesticated the Chocolate Factory, which opens its doors for tourists to know better this delights.

The organization Islanders domesticated Chocolate is a very prominent company in the chocolate market in Brazil.

Inaugurated on October 5, 1985, she rescues the whole process of manufacture of this craft and delicacy combines a sober and modern administration, facing the real satisfaction of all involved in its processes, especially for employees and customers.

With over 25 years of existence, the Islanders domesticated Chocolate is now more than a product of superior quality and proven by many customers from all over Brazil. The factory became the legitimate representative of the city and its beautiful beaches, cocoa farms, churches, or even as the novels of Jorge Amado.

During the visit, you know the factory step by step and learn how chocolate is made. You can also enjoy the various delicacies made ​​from cocoa and enjoy delicious to buy gifts to take on the trip.

The Chocolate Factory is eight miles away and has access to Ilheus Ilheus-Uruçuca Highway, Km 2.5.


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