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One of the oldest devotion to Our Lady Mary of Undoer We began in Germany around 1700 when it was announced a framework depicting the miraculous virgin inspired on a meditation of Saint Irenaeus.

Later the painting was placed in Augsburg at St. Peter Perlack am. The records of miracles spread across Europe and reached Argentina, the Shrines were limited to only one altar dedicated to her.

The chapel of B˙zios was built and dedicated to Our Lady of Undoer Nodes In another city of Buzios also has an altar dedicated to Santa in the plains is Mary Gate of Heaven Church with a replica of the table is in Germany .

In the land granted the parish priest of St Anne and St Rita and Father Ricardo Whyte, the chapel was built, and thanks to the devotion of Isis Penido, who defrayed all expenses to honor her who is our Mother


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