Central Beach

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The beach is so central, surrounded by buildings and crowded with tourists and locals seeking cool waters on hot days
The central beach is the main beach Camboriú. His view has dazzled since his arrival and will delighting tourists every day. Surrounded by beautiful buildings, it has a wide strip of sand that tends to get overcrowded during the summer.

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With 6.8 kilometers long, the Central beach Camboriú typically has calm waters, and yet, it is conducive to surf at times hung over the sea. Here is where everything happens. Since the dawn walks, presentations and outdoor sports.

With a complete infrastructure, the Central Beach is home to major hotels, inns, real estate, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and a varied shopping center. The business hours of the center is flexible and recognized throughout the state.

People come from afar to shop here on holidays and weekends. headland in South Beach called South Bar, is the night life, with numerous options of bars, restaurants, discos and nightclubs, making the night one of the most popular in southern Brazil.

The boardwalk of ave. Atlantic is an attraction in itself. Fully lit with modern urbanization, follows the entire length of the waterside. The beach is the backyard of the locals. Unlike tourists, locals do not usually swim in the sea, prefer to do your walks, rides, see beautiful people and meet up with friends on the sidewalk of ave. Atlantic.


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