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About Caxambu

Caxambu is a municipality of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. According to the census conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics in 2010, its population is 21,719 inhabitants. Located in the South of Minas, is one of the main cities of the Water Circuit of Minas Gerais and known as a major resort hidromineral.

It is not today that Caxambu is famous because of the variety of hydrothermal waters. In the 19th century, the imperial family came by weight of Rio de Janeiro in search of the medicinal properties of the springs of the city.

The distinguished visitors were honored and baptize some of the twelve springs of the postcard city - the Water Park. Among them is D. Pedro, one of the busiest and which displays a huge golden crown.

What if monarchs inspire us and enjoy a day of king or princess? The spa, housed in a beautiful building inside the park, offers salt baths, foam and Scottish showers, and massage and sauna. Those traveling with children will also find fun on the court, on the lake for paddle boat rides and swimming pools of mineral water.

The air inside the town remains steadfast in Caxambu. Carriage rides and present the Centre is the perfect time of shopping delights such as fresh milk, ambrosia, jellies, fruit compote and a dozen varieties of cheese produced in the region fill the eyes and the bags of tourists.

The climate of Mines is even more evident in the small Baependi, just eight miles. Framed by waterfalls and natural pools, has restless night on weekends when the rasta-foot takes care of the square. Insulated violeiros present free and do not let anyone stand.


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