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Canopy is the crossing between platforms mounted high in the crowns of trees or wooden poles, overcoming different types of bridges and obstacles. Total integration of man and nature. Transport to the circuit is up to the client.
Safety equipment required and provided by the carrier are: helmet and harness for rappelling (with carabiner, brake "8" pulleys). The average duration of the activity is 3 hours.

The main canopy Brotas circuits are:

Site 7 Arvorismo Falls, where beyond the canopy there are two Tyrolean with 200 and 250 meters of pure adrenaline. Trails, waterfalls, and rappelling for visitation in the Coconut Waterfall (18 meters).

Arvomix at the Corner of Waterfalls, a circuit with 13 obstacles made ​​canopy trees, mega zip line rappel 250 feet wide and 70 meters. After the tour, is released the day use on the farm, with two trails to waterfalls, swimming pool, snack bar, restaurant and locker rooms.

Farm Resort in Arvorismo pranksters circuit with 19 obstacles divided into five sections, enabling disruption to the end of each section if the practitioner is tired.

Verticália, Alaya Adventure Center. This was the first leg of canopy tours in Brazil, with 40 different obstacles. The journey was made of eucalyptus poles in the native forest.

Verticalinha, Alaya Adventure Center, a circuit for children from 4 years.

Canopy Park Aventurah!, An obstacle circuit mounted on a lake within the park.

Night Canopy: On full moon nights, the circuits can offer evening stroll.


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