Canoa Quebrada

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About Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada was a quiet fishing village until the 70s when it was discovered by hippies and transformed into a stronghold "peace and love." Today, with paved access, electricity, inns and restaurants, is one of the most coveted of Cear. Despite the facilities and perks, a village nestled high on a cliff keeps her spirits back up.

On the beach, still rustic rafts across the sea-green, while the multicolored formations are scattered in all directions. Buggy, appreciates the gradient of the cliffs, with shades ranging from white to clay, not counting the marbled, found in Ponta Grossa. Throughout the tour, a stop at the beach Majorlndia is mandatory. There is produced the traditional crafts of the region, the bottles with colored sand drawings.

The buzz happens on Broadway, a street that had turned the floor boardwalk and sand stones replaced by Portuguese. The corridor is composed of good seafood restaurants, bars and clubs with various styles. In summer, the buzz moves to the beach, the scene of luaus and parties to the sound of reggae too.

Canoa is part of the city of Aracati, 13 km. At headquarters, the attractions are not the natural beauty and, yes, the architectural collection.

The city was the most important state in the colonial and holds a rich heritage consisting of houses, mansions and churches of the 18th and 19th centuries. Preserved, many facades exhibit beautiful ornaments in Portuguese tiles.


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