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About Canela

Cinnamon is a Brazilian municipality of German origin in the hills of Rio Grande do Sul
The city offers good infrastructure and service trade while being quiet and peaceful. It shares borders with the city of Gramado and is known for attractions such as Cascade of Caracol, the Horseshoe Park and Cathedral Rock.

Just seven kilometers away from Gramado, Canela has a little of the hype illustrious neighbor, but a host full of untouched nature and beauty. There are dozens of parks crowded with pines that offer activities for all types of visitors: the contemplative to the adventurers.

Some attractions combine the two tribes, as the cascade of Caracol, which has a park of the same name. With 130 meters of fall, is much appreciated on a leisurely trip by cable car or on a journey that culminates with a staircase of more than 900 steps.

At around nature reserves worth making a stop at Castelinho Caracol. The beautiful half-timbered building houses a small historical museum, but the main attraction is the applestrudel in Portuguese "apple pie", served with cream or ice cream, accompanied by apple tea or hot chocolate.

For those traveling with children, the program also includes a visit to the World Steam, with thumbnails that reproduce industrial processes and the Alpen Park, with Tyrolean and tobogganing in the mountains, complete with sharp curves and adrenalin.

If the ride in the winter, especially in June, stay tuned to the lineup of exciting International Festival of Puppet Theater - shows beyond the closed, there are free performances in parks and streets.

When traveling through the city center, filled with houses that look like dolls, be sure to notice the charm of the balconies, decorated with colorful curtains of cloth and pets.

At the end of the year, the Dream of Christmas colors and illuminates every corner of Cinnamon with special decoration, parades and concerts.


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