Campos do Jordão

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Campos do Jordao is a simply lovely city with colonial architecture and traditions preserved until today

About Campos do Jordão

The traditional city of Campos do Jordao is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, more precisely in the mountains of Mantiqueira. With 1700 meters of altitude, surrounded by the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira the woods and colored with yellow plantains, the city really care in the European style architecture, the cuisine that combines flavors and recipes from the Old World and classical programming of the Winter Festival, one of the most respected in the country when it comes to classical music.

Called "Brazilian Switzerland", Campos do Jordao honor the title when it´s winter in the Southern Hemisphere is called the Brazilian Switzerland, as a marketing strategy for its architecture and mainly based on late European buildings, and its cooler climate that average. Therefore, the city receives the most amount of tourists during the winter season, especially in the month of July.

In July all the virtues of Campos do Jordao earn generous doses of sophistication and, with them, news and surprises that can be translated into a ski resort with artificial snow, huge shopping centers and nightclubs valid for only one month.

Everything is concentrated in the neighborhood of Vila Capivari, which already gathered trendy restaurants, cafes, shops and bars, including the taproom Baden Baden and played their outdoor tables. The great movement in the area began in the late afternoon and as night falls it increases, making the constant traffic jam of cars. To overcome the chill of early mornings, guests eat fondue, seek a fireplace, hot chocolate, hot drinks and charm of winter fashion charms.

The Alps also feature appearances Brazilian rustic and fun. To explore bet on the sidewalks that lead to the bucolic mountains covered with pines. Lift, we can reach the Elephant Hill, which opens up panoramic city views. An English-style train leads to the town of Santo Antonio do Pinhal through the stretch of country´s highest railway. Trails and steep staircase leading to the top of the hooks of the Stone Chest, the official viewpoint of the region, also accessible through horseback riding.

Campos do Jordao is a city considered by the state climate office, to fulfill the prerequisites set by state law. The appointment ensures a larger budget for the state to promote regional tourism. The city also acquires the right to add your name next to the title of the office climate, the term by which is designated by both the municipal official hours and state the references.

What to do in Campos do Jordão

With the face of sophisticated city, Campos do Jordao offers tourists numerous tours of the interior as typical ride and visit the various gardens around the city. See now some tourist tips for you to know this beautiful city.

To begin, we must know the beautiful gardens of the city, for this, Campos do Jordao reserve a place that preserves many gardens with flowers imported from several countries including England, Australia, Germany and Japan is in Amantikir we can meet a variety pooled and flowers adorning one place.

There is also the Tarundu Leisure Centre, where you can ride horses and ponies or if you prefer to take their kids mini-golf, archery and zip line. For those who enjoy more adrenaline can go in the fight or the Orbit Ball Paintball, rolling downhill.

The palace Boa Vista, where the governor took refuge in the winter, stands in the landscape architecture in the English style. Erected between 1938 and 1964, has 105 rooms and gathers in its collection screens Tarsila do Amaral and Di Cavalcanti, Bruno Giorgio´s sculptures and Victor Brecheret, finally, a meeting among the greatest artists, a charm.

Take a train ride to Santo Antonio do Pinhal. The trip lasts about two hours and passes through the stretch of country´s highest railway, the High Lageado of the 1743 meters of altitude. In Santo Antonio do Pinhal, enjoy buying cheese from goat milk, honey and propolis.

Do not miss the brewery Baden Baden, who are driven by employees who show and explain the six different procedures to make a delicious beer. You also have the moment of tasting, where beer is available from several different processes for you to taste and see the difference.

Finally, Campos do Jordao booking tours and many opportunities to meet one of the most beautiful wonders of Brazil, it is worth.

When to Go to Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordao has a climate considered Tropical Altitude, which means a cool summer and a very cold winter. This is from the fact that the city is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira place surrounded by trees, which provides cooler weather.

Campos do Jordao is a city to visit year round, cold is the main attraction, and is in the winter season that the city receives the most visitors. However, in the summer and during the long weekend demand also tends to be large.

In addition to the larger movement, the prices are always higher in the winter season, from April to August. In the summer, rainy season and heat prices fall sharply, and the hotels even offer discounts of up to 40%, is an ideal time for those who want to visit Campos do Jordao less.

Campos do Jordao also receives several units of the Faculty, which attracts many students and makes the semester of the year in the bustling city, making the city hold some events to increase tourism in the city.

How to arrive in Campos do Jordão


The nearest airport is in Sao Jose dos Campos, 90 kilometers from Campos do Jordao.


road Mantiqueira
Tel (12) 3662-1996


From Sao Paulo, the easiest and safest way to get to Campos do Jordao is followed by the Presidente Dutra highway, towards Rio de Janeiro, and at km 118, take the SP-123, the main road to the city. The distance between the capital city and the mountain town is about 170 km. Another alternative for those out of Sao Paulo is to take the highway until Ayrton Senna Jacareí and from there, follow up by Carvalho Pinto Quiririm. Passing the city, the driver must continue traveling by SP-123 to Campos do Jordao.

Rio, the way is the highway to the Presidente Dutra Municipal Pindamonhangaba. After 4 miles, passing through Pindamonhangaba and get the SP-132 and go to Campos do Jordao.

Of Belo Horizonte, take the BR-381, through Carmo da Cachoeira, walk more than about 53 km and take the BR-267. After Chippenham, grab the MG-354 to Dutra. Being in Dutra, go approximately 98.4 km to the City Pindamonhangaba. Pindamonhangaba goes through and follow the SP-132 to Campos do Jordao.

Make a Suitcase to Campos do Jordão

Before you pack your bags and do not resist the urge to put everything that comes to mind to learn some tips that will make your luggage lighter and easier to carry. In addition to a proper storage, which favors the best use of small spaces, the secret is to take only what you will actually use.

When preparing your luggage, do not underestimate the cold of Campos do Jordao, particularly in winter: light jacket, gloves, wool socks, but also be sure to separate some parts cooler and comfortable, because in the summer and during the afternoon tours, is common over time to stay cool and sunny, as you walk, the temperature rises.

If you plan to hike in the mountains, take a pair of hiking boots or shoes, and appropriate clothing, a canteen and a small backpack to carry camera and other small things will also be quite useful.

Most do not forget to bring clothes, shoes accessories and more social, as Campos do Jordao, brings together several points to any delicious walks at night, such as bars and restaurants.

Do not forget to skin care products like sunscreen and insect repellent. As much as Campos do Jordao is a cold city, the sun is also a constant visitor, and with the breeze, we feel that we are not burning, so it prevents and pass protector. Since the repellent is a great ally in sight of mountains and gardens, where it meets as many trees and flowers attract flies and mosquitoes.

An important tip: do not plot your bag of things, if possible leave a vacant space, as Campos do Jordao offers many souvenirs and typical dishes and traditional beers and cheeses produced there, so reserve a space to bring all that you want to buy and remember that there are quotas for weight and baggage limits.

History of Campos do Jordão

The creation of the city of Campos do Jordao was June 16, 1934, when he resigned from St. Benedict´s Sapucaí, and November 30, 1944, his county was created. Reaches an area of ​​269 square kilometers and is located in tropical mountain.

Campos do Jordao is located at 1700 meters altitude and scientific research have accused the superiority of its climate in relation to Davos Platz, in the Swiss Alps, as well as a content of oxygen and ozone to the top of Chamonix, the famous French resort, the purity of air. Campos do Jordao has advantages over other Brazilian climatic resorts: your tropical mountain makes the sun is present all year round.

The light usually reach their maximum degree in the winter, when it reaches the temperature drop to 5 degrees Celsius, although it has achieved in the past 18 degrees below 0 in 1992. Surveys conducted from 1961 to 1974 on climatic variations accuse the coldest month in June, and warmer, February (average 17 ° to 27 ° C). The month of January is the wettest, the driest June and August is when the sun is in their greater intensity.

Other data on the temperature: temperature below 9 ° C, 14 days per year, above 25 ° C, 25 days per year; occurrence of fog, 49 days per year; dew, 113 days and occurrence of frost, 42 days a year .

Health and beauty all year round. Campos do Jordao has a very rugged topography: about 85% of your City is composed of corrugated regions, 10% of the slopes of the mountains and only 5% of steep areas. The city is located in a valley, the flat does not exceed 500 meters wide where align its three main nuclei: Abernéssia Vila, Vila and Vila Capivari Jaguaribe.

Abernéssia Vila is the commercial and administrative center of the resort, the village has a tourist Jaguaribe and other residential and Capivari is a tourist town par excellence.

It is here and its surroundings that concentrarn the best hotels and restaurants, cafeterias and shopping malls, and luxury residences that resemble Swiss chalets and stately mansions, of Norman style. The resort is equipped with world-class hotel complex.

Located between Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, Campos do Jordao is achieved by three main routes of access, with two roads and a railway. Sao Paulo and Rio, for example, access can be done through the highways and SP-123 SP-50, both starting from the Via Dutra.

The SP-50 begins in Sao Jose dos Campos and features more than 800 curves for a journey of less than 100 km. Other access roads there, but of secondary importance. Finally, we have rail access linking Pindamonhangaba Campos do Jordao through the Sierra, where the Parade Chief, the highest rail point in Brazil.

E. F. Campos do Jordao is one Brazilian railroad system that works by simply complying without racks.

Sung as the Brazilian Switzerland for its matchless climate, and revered as the Altar of Human Solidarity for the healing of thousands of Brazilians who recovered from lung diseases, healthy back to their homes in all parts of the country, Campos do Jordao became the most important climatic resort in Brazil.

Besides its famous knitwear - known throughout the world - their homemade chocolate, sweets and jams her, even resins his vast and majestic pine forests are industrialized and its mineral waters, captured through the highest standards of technical and hygiene, run from the purest sources of the planet.
Its main raw material, however, is that it exports, generously, without return of foreign exchange: health.

The Olympic and cuts your silhouette green mountain, at dawn and sunset, has led the singing of men and gods, chanting hymns to the beauty and brotherhood. For the resort of Campos do Jordao became writers like Monteiro Lobato, Paulo Dantas, Maria de Lourdes Teixeira, Dinah Silveira de Queiroz, poets, like Couto, Guilherme de Almeida, Menotti del Pichia, historians such as Caio Prado Junior, jurists, as Michael Reale and Alexandra Correa, artists such as Brecheret, Lasar Segall, Felicia Leirner, Ianelli, Manabu Mabe Camargo and Freire, and politicians like Vargas, John Figueredo, Ernesto Geisel, Joao Goulart, Adhemar de Barros Carvalho Pinto, Quadros Tables, Franco Montoro, Paulo Maluf, Natel Award, Abreu Sodre and many others.

Never greed of gold, in the past would suggest Oyaguara Inacio Caetano and that wealth was not in Minas Gerais, but he was right here in Upper Mantiqueira, at 1700m above the pollution, the blessed and beautiful Campos do Jordao . So the schism poet his lyre: They did not know the poor travelers who treasure of gold was no! Or emeralds, or diamonds, the treasure was Campos do Jordao.

Security of Campos do Jordão

Although Campos do Jordao be located in the interior, it is a very calm and quiet. The rate of violence in Campos do Jordao is diminishing as time passes, more needs to be careful and follow some guidelines.

Avoid walking alone at night and in places you do not know. When you leave, give preference to the use of taxi, avoid riding buses and subways at night because they are busy and some may be opportunities for assault.

When going to restaurants and bars, opt for the use of cards, since they call less attention from thieves and prevent you keep walking around with money in your pocket.

Another very important tip is to not leave the house carrying objects that draw the attention of thieves, such as expensive watches, bracelets, digital cameras and mobile phones. Always bring a bag to store it all and she always preferred to walk in front of you.

Always remember to look for a police station near you or help trigger the police by phone or in cases of suspected theft.

Follow our instructions and tips and have a safer journey, allowing you to enjoy the rides as well and have more peace of mind.

Useful Phone Numbers of Campos do Jordão

Ambulance - 192
Civil Defense - 199
Water and Sewer - 195
Police Emergency - 190
SAMU - 192
Firefighter - 193
Self Help - (12) 3664-2231
Police Station - (12) 3662.1155
Children´s Hospital - (12) 3662-2233
Forest Police - (12) 3662.1422
Highway Patrol - (12) 233-3888
Emergency - (12) 3662.3730
Outpatient Physician 24 (Unimed) - (12) 3662-4000
Santa House - (12) 3662-1196
Electricity - 0800.110135


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