Campo Grande

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About Campo Grande

Campo Grande is a municipality in the Midwest, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul Redoubt divisive history between south and north, Campo Grande was founded over 111 years of colonial miners who came to enjoy the fields native pastures and crystal clear waters of the Cerrado region.

The city was planned in the midst of a vast green area, with wide streets and avenues. For many lined with trees and gardens through its pathways, presents, even today, a strong relationship with the indigenous culture and its historical roots. Because of the color of his land, purple or red, he received the nickname City Morena. The city is located in a region of the plateau, where you can see the limits of the horizon to the bottom of any landscape. The Guarani aquifer is beneath the city.

Planned and wooded, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul is a mix of cultures. Indian tribes in the region reaches the beautiful craftsmanship, full of pottery and wood, besides the colorful tapestries. Since the neighboring country of Paraguay, is gastronomic influence Chipa and presents a kind of cheese bread compact mass, also has the Paraguayan soup, which is actually a salt cake. To accompany all this could not miss the terer, a kind of iced tea.

Also increase regional cooking Japanese dishes, the legacy of immigrants who came from across the world in the early 20th century. The highlight is the chief, a handmade pasta enhanced with omelette and pork.

The oriental delicacies are found in the Fair Center, near the railway station and filled with kiosks that sell fruits, vegetables, handicrafts and imported from Paraguay. The space works only on Wednesdays and weekends, five in the afternoon at two oclock in the morning with intense movement in the stalls selling food and drink.

Since the recipes are served in the Paraguayan Market Hall, which opens on Sunday. Exotic dishes and typical of the Pantanal are also found in Campo Grande. In regional restaurants, menus bring grilled alligator, painted with plantain and annatto, piranha broth.

To burn the calories, go to the Park of Indigenous Nations, meeting place of locals there that enjoy the sunset. The area is home to jogging tracks and skate, lawns, fields, lake stage, arena theater and restaurant, as well as exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Must also visit the Indigenous Peoples Memorial, where a community of Terena Indians and selling crafts.

Space is one of the attractions of the City tour, a tour conducted in double-decker bus with accompanying guide. The program lasts just over two hours and passes through more than 40 sights of squares, streets and historic buildings.


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