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About Campinas

Campinas is a Brazilian city in the state of Sao Paulo. It belongs to the micro and meso namesake, being located northwest of the capital of the state, lying about 96 km of this. It occupies an area of ​​795.697 km , of which 238.323 km are in the urban and the remaining 557.334 km are the rural area. In 2011 its population was estimated by the IBGE in 1,088,611 inhabitants, and in 2010 was the third most populous So Paulo, behind Guarulhos and capital, and is the 14th nationwide.

The concentration of multinationals, research institutes and universities of Campinas is one of the main business of the country. For the traveling public for the city to work, there are modern hotels and upscale restaurants.

The executives, however, are not the only visitors who are satisfied with the city. For leisure tourists, there are good programs and bucolic weekend, starting with the favorite of residents: a walk in the parks. In Jequitibs Wood, the walks are made through real trees that form tunnels.

The space also offers a playground, snack bars, museum of reptiles, aquarium and a small zoo. But the Portugal Park is sought by the class of the race, which is an outstanding track on the shores of Lake Taquaral. Sports courts and skating rink complete the physical activity options.

Those traveling with kids can not lose the time the tour of Mary-Smoke that happen on Saturdays and Sundays. The train leaves the station and leads to Anhumas Jaguarina. Three hours of travel - and back - with the right displays that tell the story of locomotives and railroad, and details the way and farms.

Speaking in rural areas, schedule a visit to the Tozan Farm, a preserved historic property. The tour lasts two hours and begins with tasting fruit produced on the farm. Then, the guide leads to the Coffee Museum, where they are time machines, records the history of the farm and the arrival of Italian immigrants and slaves.

From there, the tour continues to the plantation, the gazebo and the slave quarters, ending with a cup of coffee. Another good option for the weekend is to enjoy the districts of Sousas and Joaquim Egidio, with rustic restaurants and places for fishing and hiking.


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