Campina Grande

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About Campina Grande

Campina Grande is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. It is considered one of the main industrial centers of the Northeast and the largest technology center in Latin America, according to U.S. magazine Newsweek. Campina Grande was founded on December 1, 1697, and was elevated to city status on October 11, 1864.

The city gained visibility in June when is adorned with balloons and flags to perform one of the most crowded state fairs in the country. The shindig lasts the whole month and gathers tourists and natives in People´s Park, a huge square with hundreds of stalls serving typical food, stage for concerts of famous artists and tracks from the forró to submit more than two hundred gangs.

In neighboring land to the park is mounted the St. John Ranch, a scenic camp entitled to bodega, deposit Mangaio, flour mill, mill and chapel. There´s even production of molasses, rum and cassava flour. On weekends, the choice is boarding the train Forró, that part of Old Station toward the city of Galante. The journey of an hour and a half and eight wagons are packed by the sounds of triangle, bass drum and accordion, live.

Nestled between the rugged backcountry and, Campina Grande is also the land of corned beef. The delicacy is served baked or fried and arrives at tables accompanied by clarified butter, milk porridge, vinaigrette, green beans, farofa-d´-water and cassava. But take it easy to realize the reach of Inga Archaeological Site, 46 miles from the center, where a stone nearly four feet tall guard dozens of carved symbols.

Include the cultural script a visit to the Art Gallery Assis Chateaubriand, where there are works by Portinari and Pedro Américo. Extend your trip to the Historical Museum, a building of 1814 which gathers panels, maps and photos.

Quit work at the Cotton Museum, which operates in the former railway station and tells the story of the product that boosted the economy of Campina Grande in the early 20th century.


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