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About Camburi

Camburi is a beach on the northern coast of So Paulo in So Sebastio. It is 37 km from the city center and 167 km from So Paulo.

There are two versions to the meaning of the name Camburi. One would be for bass river, by the amount of bass fish that ascends the river, one of the few saltwater exchange for candy. The other river that would change, because from time to time the river changes its course, now flowing into the beach Camburi, now in the Camburizinho.

The sea is quite choppy, with a pale blue-green. The beach is bisected by the river Camburi and fine white sand is predominant.

The beach is frequented by large number of tourists and surfers. The beach is separated from the Camburi Camburizinho by a river that empties into a small island. It has put permanent rescue from the Fire Department. It features campsites, hotels, inns, markets and craft shops caiara. Near the boundary with the city of Bertioga is located one Indian village.

Beach side of the hill is the Camburizinho Vilela, which in 1999 created a launch area for hang gliding. A practitioner of this sport and the owner of an inn that would make the region a hub for the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar.

Together with the community organized a seminar on ecotourism and with the support of the government created the Core St. Sebastian State Park of Serra do Mar. The practitioner is now the director of the nucleus and the owner of the inn became a television program for dissemination.


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