Calhetas Beach

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A breathtaking view, it´s worth knowing this paradise
A small beach located in Cape St. Augustine, Calhetas attracts tourists for its tranquility and its beauty preserved in nature. ideal to enjoy a swim, there you can visit the Valley of the Moon, up the hill, a lovely place now abitado by hippies.

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Calhetas is a beach that is in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, a small town on the southern coast of Pernambuco. Surrounded by rocks and palm trees, beach Calhetas was declared a National Historic Heritage.

Although small, Calhetas is one of the most charming and warm beaches of the Brazilian Northeast. It is located between the beaches of St. Augustine and Gaibu and is 40 km from Recife. The name comes from Tupi and Calhetas means Little Creek.

It pays to enjoy the sea bathing, more care should be taken only at high tide, when currents can occur. You can make a boat trip on the Rio Massangana to visit the mangrove and taste the shellfish-based dishes prepared and served by the natives on the beach.

Another interesting walk is up the hill to visit the Moon Valley, a hamlet that has been and today meets hippie destination campground and rustic bars.

At night, Calhetas receives tourists who gather by the sea to worship the moon with singing and dancing, enjoying the peace and tranquility that the beach offers.

The bars and restaurants are also getting ready to welcome tourists and offer delicacies typical Northeastern and several other tasty dishes, accompanied by live shows.


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