Caldas Novas

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About Caldas Novas

Caldas Novas is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Gois The 2010 Census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics showed that Caldas Novas has 69,320 inhabitants. According to the Regional Electoral Court of Gois, in June 2011 enroll in Caldas Novas 48,242 voters, or 1.19% of the electorate of Gois

The city is known for being the largest resort hydrothermal the world, with waters that spring from the ground. The main source of income is tourism of the municipality. In high season, the city gets to hold more than 500 thousand tourists.

ny years, more than a million tourists visit the small Caldas Novas. They come in search of warm waters of the spa. With temperatures ranging between 30 and 57 degrees, the hundreds of pools of hotels and clubs attract groups especially the elderly and families with children, there are recreational activities and lots of fun all day and night.

Outside the hotel there is also plenty to do. Must is spend a day in Hot Park, which offers much more than thermal pools. The biggest leisure complex in the region, located in the city of Rio Hot, 30 kilometers, has rapids and flumes radicals that delight children and adults. Already in Pirapitinga Lagoon, where are the sources with the highest temperatures of Caldas Novas, the highlight is the Pit egg with water bubbling to 57 degrees.

If the body feels lack of cold water, take the direction of Lake Corumb, a reflecting pool with 65 square kilometers, perfect for water sports and boating. The area is already offering leisure hotels, with infrastructure for sport fishing and exploring waterfalls in the region.

Do not miss the Parque Estadual da Serra de Caldas. The hiking trails, made exclusively accompanied by guides, lead to refreshing bath in the falls Cascatinha and Seawall. Still on tour reservation, enjoy the flora and fauna typical of the cerrado, which confer unique shapes and colors to the landscape.

The nature, incidentally, is also generous with the cuisine of the region, providing the fruits that give the taste so special traditional dishes such as galinhada with pequi and guariroba.

For dessert, sweets, fruit and milk produced by hand and they deserve to be taken home. The delights are found alongside liqueurs and dairy shops in the center, good reason to leave the hotel pool and a stroll through the city.


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