Cacimba do Padre Beach

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The Hill Brothers, facing the beach Cacimba the priest, is simply charming
The beach Cacimba Father is a lovely place that is well worth knowing. This is where lies the Hill Brothers, one of the most beautiful postcards from all over Brazil. It is also there that are the best food stalls typical Pernambuco.

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It is on the beach of Cacimba Father which is preserved one of the most beautiful postcards of Brazil, the Morro two brothers, two gigantic stones, side by side with sculpture very similar to each other, seem sisters.

The beach Cacimba the Father is one of the largest beaches on the island, has 900 meters not only extension, but also many Brazilian natural resources which are still preserved.

Its waters are green and teeming with marine life. It has white sand, soft shells and the hills and native vegetation encroaching on the beach.

In summer, the waves get to reach five feet tall, ideal for surf lovers, who take the day to make good use of this beautiful spectacle.

The beach Cacimba the Father is also one of the best places to enjoy a beautiful sunset sun.

Over the delights do not stop there. In Cacimba Father are some of the best restaurants de Noronha, with varied menus containing food dishes typical of Pernambuco and other states also. For those who want to learn more about the Bistro de Noronha, worth checking out.


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