Cacao Farms

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On the farm, the cocoa plantations are huge and the workers are dedicated to everything to be perfect
Is visiting the Farm Cocoa that you begin to understand the secret of such delights. On the tour you know the cacao tree, which, depending on the season is full of cocoas and yellow ripe, ready to be harvested. procedures necessary to dry the cocoa can also be seen. Also you can try everything.

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The cocoa farms in Ilheus and the region offer guided tours that show the entire cycle of the fruit, from planting to the processes performed after the harvest, crucial for the production of chocolates. The tours often include tastings.

The farms are the most sought Yrerê and spring. The latter farm was the scene of the novel reborn and still offers trails for nature walks, carriage rides or horse riding and visiting a small museum which includes objects used by the artists of the century-old novel and relics.

Remember that to visit the farms is required prior appointment via telephone:

Spring Farm - (73) 3613-7817

Farm Yrerê - (73) 3656-5054

Acces to the farms is done by BR 415. The Farm is located at Km 11 Yrerê and Spring Farm, at Km 20.


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