Cabo Frio

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About Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Borders on Armacao dos Buzios east, south Arraial do Cabo, Araruama and St. Peters Village to the west, and Casimiro de Abreu and Silva Jardim north.

It is the seventh oldest city in Brazil and the principal, the Lakes Region. It has 190,786 inhabitants, according to estimates by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics in 2011. It is well known for its tourist attractions such as Praia do Forte.

Reference when it comes to the Lakes Region, Cabo Frio in visual and really care infrastructure. In the crystal clear sea and white sand dunes, most city beaches offers comfortable kiosks to meet the captive audience: families with teenage children.

In high season, the class takes care of the long beach of Forte, still full of bars and restaurants and beautiful scenery of the fireworks on New Years Eve.

The crowded beach, which starts at Fort St. Matthew, extends to the peaks favorite of surfers, such as beaches and dunes of the Rocket - the latter, with mountains that reach 30 meters. The boards also are present on the beaches across the Channel Itajuru as Brava, also frequented by naturists, and Pero.

The sport, in fact, is revered even out of water, the Surf Museum, the countrys first and largest in Latin America on the subject, there is exposure of hundreds of boards, trophies, pictures and videos. Cabo Frio is also generous with yachting enthusiasts, because the winds are very strong there and diving, which are rich marine life in Long Islands and the Parrot.

When it comes to gastronomy and night, all roads lead to Canal Boulevard, a pedestrian street full of bars and restaurants. Among them are the starry Picolino, one of the most traditional and famous for the cover charge.


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