Cable Car Ride

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One of the hottest adventure is riding a cable car, knowing all the corners of the top Camboriú
This tour is recommended for the worshipers of the Sugar Loaf. Camboriú also has cableway and is ideal for those who never walked about for anyone who has experienced that delicious feeling and wants to walk again. A 240 meter high ride provides lovely views.

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If you´ve never ridden a cable car, you will have the unique opportunity to meet all Camboriú the top of one. Walking is a lift of tourist options for those visiting the place.

The perfect look, seeing the coast and hills covered with green, is disclosed along for the ride of three thousand meters long. The starting point is the South Station Bar and the first stop takes place in Atlantic Station, 240 meters high.

That way, the choice is to hike the trails to viewpoints and directions to practice adventure activities such as tree climbing and mountain bobsled.

The sleds travel a circuit of 700 meters into the trees, at an average speed of 60 km / h. The carts contain two people and can be controlled by a hand brake.


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