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About B˙zios

Buzios is a Brazilian municipality located in the Lakes Region, State of Rio de Janeiro. It borders the west to Cabo Frio, a municipality which became autonomous in 1995. Buzios is located about 165 km from the state capital.

A peninsula eight miles long and 23 beaches, is one of the most coveted destinations for tourists worldwide.

The destination receives sea currents from one side of the equator and the other, the south polar currents, which means it has both beaches with warm water and cold water.

The tourism activities and real estate occupation of the site began after the international fame due to Buzios by French actress Brigitte Bardot, who visited in 1964. Today, the city is so visited by tourists around the world, especially Argentina, which some call "the Brazilian Saint-Tropez".

With its strong winds, Buzios is ideal for practicing sailing and gliding. It is a city that is home to several cultures with a large number of foreigners.

á The average annual temperature is 24 ░ C and has the lowest rainfall in the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 750 mm per year only.

Buzios is also famous for its trendy night, which begins in the Stone Street and extends to the Orla Bardot, both with restaurants, bars, music and excitement for everyone.

The movement, however, does not take off before the one in the morning, especially in the summer and holidays. Take the opportunity to enjoy a dinner for two in the beautiful Porto da Barra, a gastronomic complex on the beach of Manguinhos, or take a good nap.

What to do in B˙zios

B˙zios is guaranteed fun for those who want to enjoy a lot during the trip. From beautiful beaches to an unforgettable ride through the city to better understand the history of Rio de Janeiro.

Walking through the city you can get to know the Chapel of Our Lady Undoer We simply charming place that serves as an example of beauty and preservation.

Another fantastic point that is worth knowing, and walk worthy of many pictures is the Orla Bardot, with wooden decks and giant shadows for a rest and packed full of beautiful landscapes.

Starting to nature, it is worth knowing the biological reserves present in Buzios, as the Reserve Sierra Emergencies and Reserve Taua, two lovely places that lets you find and meet a part of the nature nearly extinct Brazilian.

Of course we can not leave the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro from outside our roadmap for Buzios. The beaches Geribß, Ferradurinha, Horseshoe Beach and Sour are the most attractive tourists are the liveliest and because of that, plus many other beaches Buzios reserves that can suit all types of tourists.

You can learn this and much more during the trip because B˙zios has many tourist attractions and places to visit charming worthwhile.

When to Go to B˙zios

The charm and beaches of Buzios can be tanned all year round. To chime, va summer and holidays, when the movement is intense, prepare to congestion and competition for jobs around the Rua das Pedras.

In winter, the frozen waters may not be as inviting, however, the resort often perform during the Food Festival.

The festival moves the resort in July, when restaurants assemble special dishes that are served on benches in the Orla Bardot, Rua das Pedras and Rua Manoel Toribio de Farias, beyond the Porto da Barra.

The lovers of the seventh art take care of B˙zios in November. Happening, the event showcases the latest releases of the film industry and foreign, with sessions in Gran Cine Bardot and Praša Santos Dumont.

How to arrive in B˙zios


Umberto Modiano Airport - Buzios
Tel: (22) 2629-1225

Cabo Frio Airport
Tel: (22) 2644-5277

Santos Dumont Airport - Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 3814-7070

International Airport of Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 3398-5050 / 3398-4526/3398-4527


Tel: 0300-789-2121

Ocean Air
Tel: 4004-4040 and 0300-789-8160

Tel: 0800-57-5700 4002-5700 and

Tel: 4003-7000


Bus 1001 (Buzios)
Tel: (22) 2623-2050

Bus Cabo Frio
Tel: (22) 2643-1521

Bus Terminal Novo Rio (Rio de Janeiro)
Tel: (21) 2291-5151


Auto Traffic 1001
Tel: (21) 4004-5001

Traffic Salineira
Makes the trip from Cabo Frio to Buzios
Tel: (22) 2645-5454 or 0800-245454.


From Rio de Janeiro, two hours away. After the Rio-Niterˇi bridge following sense Rio Bonito. Take the Via Lagos towards Araruama / Cabo Frio (Lakes Region). At the end of Via Lagos, continue for 5 miles and then take the RJ-106 toward Macae / Buzios. After 14 km, then turn right for about ten minutes until Buzios. Northern State, the path is the BR-101, take the entrance to the Oyster River and then 56 km to Buzios. In Belo Horizonte, pass Petrˇpolis, down the mountain and take the Rio-up Teresopolis Mage. Hence move toward Manila and Rio Bonito (BR -01) and follow the script come from Rio de Janeiro. B˙zios is located at 625 km from Belo Horizonte, 620 miles from SŃo Paulo, Curitiba and 1028 km of 1339 km of Brasilia.

Make a Suitcase to B˙zios

When we go to the Brazilian coast is clear we think the amount of clothing we take, especially if we go to the most popular beaches.

An item that obviously can not be left out are like bikini swimsuits, May, swimsuit, sarong, hat and beach exits, completing a charming and elegant look for day of fun.

To take care of the skin during exposure to sunlight can not forget the sunscreen, preferably with factor ideal for your skin tone.

For evening, you can prepare a look and bring more social more delicate blouses, shirts, pants, skirts and shoes.

For city tours during your trip you can choose to shorts, blouses, shirts, cap, hat and shoes, who prize their comfort during long walks.

The kit of medicines can not stay out of your suitcase. Bring to follow, in a purse or makeup bag bandages, ointments and painkillers contingency of self-medication.

The makeup is also an item that is worth watching to go along with accessories to complete your look and let your trip even more elegant.

History of B˙zios

In the sixteenth century were the Indians who occupied this area tupinambßs, where he practiced fishing, hunting and cultivation of cassava and maize. They had relations with French privateers and smugglers, who attended the location to buy Brazil wood, pepper and other native products. In mid-seventeenth century, the town was invaded by French and English. It was based pirates, trafficking point of Brazil wood and landing of African slaves.

In Manguinhos Beach, you can enjoy the stone pier built by the slaves. Later, the French were expelled by the Portuguese after bloody disputes that significantly decimated the indigenous population. In the seventeenth century, it was a small fishing village with twenty houses.

At the end of the century, during the war of the Corsicans, the ship Avengers, corsa argentina flag, bombed the coast of Buzios, as shown in oil on canvas in Buzios Historical Museum, located at Rua das Pedras. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, B˙zios began receiving Portuguese immigrants who have joined the group of local fishermen, teaching them new fishing techniques. In this century, was also created to frame fish Buzios which consisted of a structure to capture fish, causing then the name of the resort: Armacao dos Buzios.

Also hunted whales for their oil extraction, which was used both for lighting the city of Rio de Janeiro as for export. The bones of the animals captured were buried on the beach beside the Armacao Beach, giving rise to the name of one of the most famous beaches of Buzios, Bones Beach. Later, the area was destined for farming and animal husbandry, and fishing in this stretch of coastline prohibited. After the ban, the local economy has remained for a long time based on fishing and agriculture on a small scale until the mid-twentieth century, when there was a new activity in the region: tourism.

The quiet fishing village is slowly turning into a holiday resort. Earlier, tourists rented the houses of fishermen. The origin of tourism in B˙zios refers to the years 1940/1950, when the city was limited to a small fishing village.

Began to be appreciated by representatives of Rio and SŃo Paulo elites, who have raised the first houses, concentrated, until the 1960s, the beaches of Manguinhos and the current center today, beaches and Frame Corner.

Those receiving visitors in their homes illustrious friends, including politicians and artists, many of them foreigners. With this, the fame of the city was growing among upper class people from different countries.

The silhouette topographic B˙zios and its beaches, combined with the magic of his astral, were magnetizing its visitors, who returned to their countries counting the energy and charm of this peninsula. In 1973, the village was still connected to Cabo Frio by a narrow dirt road, which in times of rain prevented the passage of his only daily bus. The fame of Buzios was attracting foreigners, particularly Argentine and French, who settled in the city and several businesses were opening.

It was once the location has received the most coveted film actress of the era: the French Brigitte Bardot, who at the time was dating Bob Zaguri, a Moroccan who lived in Brazil. The two stayed in the house of the Russian Mouriaev Andrew, then representative of the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro. They came and stroll around the city and admire the beauties of Brazil more.

This was in 1964, and is considered a major milestone for the city. At that moment, the world press has directed attention to the isolated fishing village, watching every step of the actress through an informant installed there. The impact was such that even today there are references to celebrity anywhere in the city, dissemination and tourism in local life.

Currently in 2012 B˙zios was elected by a magazine tour of Europe as the best destination for sun and beach in the world.

Security of B˙zios

Like any place where we want to travel, B˙zios also need special care. For this we prepared some tips for you during your days in Buzios.

When traveling give preference to the use of cards, both debit as credit, are safer and, in case of lost or stolen card, both can be blocked to avoid major hassles.

When you go out for walks, day or night, be careful with your belongings. Load bags and backpacks always in front and take the opportunity to leave cameras, phones and wallets in store for their safety.

Avoid using public transport after 22 hours because this time the normally empty conduction and are favorable for assault.

Always remember to engage the police station nearest to you in case of any suspicious or disorders.

Useful Phone Numbers of B˙zios

Portico de B˙zios, s / n - Manguinhos
Tel: (22) 2633-6200
Opening hours: every day from 9am to 22pm

Tourist Information Center

Praša Santos Dumont
Opening hours: every day from 8am to 22pm
Tel: (22) 2623-2099
E-mail: secturbuzios@mar.com.br

Police Department - 127th Precinct┤s Rasa
Park Av s / n - Rasa
Tel: (22) 2623-9237

Military Police - 5 ¬ Cia de B˙zios
Fisherman┤s Platter, s / n - Centro
Tel: (22) 2623-1340

Medical Center of Buzios
Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Dental, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Obstetric, Trauma and others. Support 24 hours. Clinical Laboratory 24h.
R. Caesar Augustus St. Louis, 100 - Centro
Phone: (22) 2633-0200

Free Service 24h.
Av Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 2000 - Manguinhos
Tel: (22) 2623-2419 or 192

Point Praša Santos Dumont - Tel: (22) 2623-2160 / 2623-6169

Buzios Radio Taxi - Tel: (22) 2623-2509 / 9204-3000 - ID 81 * 53 623

Shopping Point No. 01 - Tel: (22) 2623 2160/2623 6169

Acqua-taxi - Tel: (22) 2620-8016


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