Buoy Cross

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in groups, you get to spend the hottest places in Bonito
The Buoy Cross is a sport practiced by both professionals and amateurs together by conductors that help the ride. Lasting 40 minutes, you pass by several charming places, including waterfalls and rapids delicious and refreshing.

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The Cross is a sport Boia delicious and much sought after by tourists traveling to Bonito. A trail through the riparian forest takes tourists to Rio Formoso, where over 1200 meters, is performed at Buoy Cross.

Buoys individual slide for about 40 minutes, going three for three waterfalls and rapids.

Hundreds of fish and aquatic plants can be observed, a bath with intense contact with nature. The return to the reception is held by a causeway.

The ride is certified by the Safety Management System, through Safe Adventure program of the Ministry of Tourism Associations of Enterprises of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism.


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