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From the top of the road you can see the rafts and boats at sea with tourists fascinated by the beauty of Porto de Galinhas
The Buggy Ride is one of the best options for those who want the smallest Porto de Galinhas detalhes.Você can hire a buggy and travel all the surroundings of Porto de Galinhas. Through the buggy you can meet the beautiful pools and nothings between fish.

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The Buggy is the most widely used mechanism of locomotion in the Northeast, just because it has sand dunes, in which only the buggy realize. Therefore, an attraction for those who want to know Porto de Galinhas from end to end, are buggy rides.

The buggy rental is constant in Porto de Galinhas and follows a script charming. With Buggy you can pass by several beaches that surround Ipojuca.

The tours last about two hours and takes passengers to know the most important beaches around Porto de Galinhas, as Maracaípe Depth Maracaípe, Cupe and Muro Alto and Gamboa.

It´s way faster, and more exciting to enjoy the quieter scenes of Porto de Galinhas.

During the ride, get off the buggy and enjoy the beautiful natural pools for bathing waters all around the port of chickens, feed the fish and dip between them, a short trip.


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