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About Brotas

Sprout is located right in the center of São Paulo, in the heart of one of the most developed regions in the country, but still presents us with their wealth and natural beauty preserved. Boasting a privileged and strategic geographical position, are taking a new path and emerges in the context of national ecotourism.

Historically linked to the production and the rural agricultural economy, had its heyday at the beginning of the century with the culture of coffee. In turn brings very significant features regarding the preservation of natural resources, because it retains a large proportion of native forest, sheltering a considerable bio plant and animal diversity.

But its greatest asset is the natural relief of generally soft in the formation of "Cuestas Basalt" and its great water sources, highlighting the Pepira Alligator River, one of the few rivers still unpolluted state.

These natural conditions makes the city of Sprout, one of the few regions in the interior of Sao Paulo, which also combines natural environment, aspects of an area, almost all occupied by rural activities, guaranteeing you a strong beauty, and presents cultural aspects typical of the local community.

Sprout, houses in their "saws" several springs and rivers waterfalls, which cut valleys and hillsides; concentrates a multitude of tourist attractions, mostly water, such as dams, streams, waterfalls, rapids and springs.

Its potential natural ally to the increase of tourism products and services gives the region a huge potential for ecotourism and rural tourism. And today is certainly a point of reference for the practice of aquatic adventure sports like: rafting, float-cross, canoeing and canyoning.

What to do in Brotas

Capital city of adventure, Sprout is a pioneer when it comes to extreme sport. Surrounded by more than 30 waterfalls formed by the mighty river Pepira Gator, a rural town welcomes visitors eager to practice buoy-cross, rafting and canyoning.

Out of the water also has plenty of emotion, such as jetties rappelling, trekking, mountain-biking and off-road trails of native forest, and Tyrolean giant beautiful valleys that cut.

You´re wrong, but who imagines that Sprout is only destination for adrenaline junkies. There are activities for all types of visitors, who enjoy only a short hike to those accustomed to practice tree climbing in circuits that require muscles of steel.

It is not difficult to see, amid the groups of athletes, families enjoying themselves in the land, water and air.

Many of the natural attractions and adventure camps focus on private properties in the vicinity of Brotas. For enjoyed them, you must pay an entrance fee or hire the services of agencies specializing in tours, installed at the Centre.

Do not leave out the script some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region, as Cassorova, with two huge drops, the Astor, sought to practice canyoning and white water, a favorite for swimming due to the natural pool.

When to Go to Brotas

Summer is considered the best time to visit sprout, it is then that the sun manifests itself and place the hot weather that makes us seek shade and cool water.

Who wants to practice water sports in summer travel always looking for fun and profit enough, since the rains fill the rivers and waterfalls this time of year.

Although the best time is in summer that sprout receives the largest amount of tourists, disappointing some people who want peace and quiet, besides influencing the cost benefit of the city.

For those seeking a peaceful environment to enjoy your trip and get to know you sprout in no hurry, so rather than other seasons, which will allow you to travel.

How to arrive in Brotas


The only bus company that makes the trip from Sao Paulo to sprout is the Silver Express, which for the city on the way to Bauru, its final destination.

The trip lasts about four hours with some stops, and four times the output bus in Barra Funda. Notice the last bus that leaves at 18:30 and arrives at around 23h in Brotas.

Taxis on the road leading to sprout the inns. The race has fixed price, and the drivers are known to everyone.

You can rent a car, but there is no official car rental company. Rents of particular cost on average $ 90 per day.


Bus Station Brotas
Av Dante Martinelli
Tel: (14) 3653-1538

Barra Funda Bus Teminal
Mario de Andrade Street, 664
Barra Funda, Sao Paulo, SP
Tel: (11) 3235-0322 (from 6am to 22:30) / en / terminals / barrafunda.asp


Expressed Silver
Tels: (11) 2127-7000 / (14) 2109-9900


Sao Paulo, there are two path options. The first is the Bandeirantes highway (SP-348) until km 168, where there is access to the Washington Luiz Highway (SP-310). Those who prefer to take Anhangüera (SP-330) follow to the 153 km and after passing through the toll, take the access road to the Washington Luís (SP-310).

In the SP-310, head to the 206 km and take exit 206-B, passing under the viaduct and round over the track to enter the highway engineer Paul Roman Nile (SP-225), in the sense Itirapina-sprout, which arrives at the roundabout access to the city. From the capital, is 240 km (about two and a half hours).

Itirapina to sprout, are about 31 km marked by beautiful orange groves. The ideal is to make one of the snippets of day to enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape of the Chapada called Guarani, which also houses the municipalities of Torrinha, San Carlos, and Itirapina Analândia.

Make a Suitcase to Brotas

Sprout is a place that has a temperature very hot and dry, which allows abusing light and fresh clothes like shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses loop and regattas.

One thing we must not forget is the pair of shoes, implacable companion during our stay at Sprouts, since most of the trips there are made on foot, besides having several sports with physical performance.

Always remember to bring insect repellent and sunscreen, which are essential for the care of the skin in sun exposure and during walks in the woods, which has plenty of insects.

The nights are lively and Brotas offer several fun options for you, so take more social clothes and ideal to enjoy a ballad or a restaurant with friends. Take the opportunity to take along the accessories that are essential to produce a very nice look.

The best thing to do is to take when you leave all your belongings in a bag or backpack, plus remember to always carry them in front all the way. Enjoy the ride and includes a digital camera to photograph every moment that sprout incredible offers.

History of Brotas

Around 1839, a chapel was built giving rise to primitive local population. The land originally belonged to the land grants in the region of Araraquara and was cut by the tracks of expansion into the interior of Minas Gerais State.

The first to settle in the region were mining families "People who were just abandoning the dream of mine to replace it with the dream of permanence, planting, fixing the earth."

Sprout has become the district of Araraquara in 1841, and in 1853 transferred to Rio Claro and became a municipality on February 14, 1859. The city´s anniversary is celebrated on May 3 during a former Catholic celebration, Santa Cruz.

Sprout had its greatest phase of development, in the twenties and thirties, the time of the expansion of coffee into the interior of. He lived as a function of economic activity to its final crisis. It is remarkable the presence of Italian immigrants and their descendants who had political influence in shaping the city.

The coffee crisis has brought a period of economic stagnation at the time that the city lost population to urban centers. The annual rate of population growth became positive from the eighties.

Today the city still has a predominantly agricultural economy, which also highlights the sugarcane industry, which currently generates most of the workforce.

Considering the traditionally agricultural and natural resources of the municipality, waterfalls, preserved forests and mountains, the current municipal administration as the population has developed a tourist industry based on ecotourism, rural tourism, adventure tourism, hiking, sports and various adventure activities practiced in nature, aiming at a sustainable development alternative for the city.

Security of Brotas

Sprout is greatly supported by the Government when it comes to safety, after all, the city is one of the icons of the state of Sao Paulo when it comes to ecotourism. The policing and monitoring of the main points of tourism Brotas investments are gaining even more each day that the city grows.

While all this is of excellent quality, we must be aware that our support and our collaboration is essential. So, follow some tips to make your trip go as expected.

When going out to places you have not met, avoid going alone, always bring a chaperone. If you leave with the vehicle, own or lease, pay close attention to traffic lights and intersections, especially after 22 hours, when the movement is significantly reduced in the streets.

Always remember to keep your belongings as well and avoid as much as you can take money, try to use the credit card / debit card, which is safer in case of theft may be blocked.

Useful Phone Numbers of Brotas

Fire Brigade - (14) 3653.1870 / 193

Police Station - (14) 3653.1105

Electricity - 0800.120196

Supervision of City Hall - (14) 9773.3288

Forum - (14) 3653.1415 / 3653.1115

Guard - (14) 3653.5380 / 153

Environmental Police - (14) 9798.2982

Military Police - (14) 3653.2728 / 190

Highway Patrol - (14) 3653.2064

Point Taxi - (14) 3653.1572 / 3653.5682

Town of Sprout - (14) 3653.9900

Municipal Ombudsman - (14) 0800.7709 796

Bus - (14) 3653.1538


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