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The conservatory of flowers in the Botanical Garden is the icon of the city and came to compete among the seven wonders of the world
The Botanical Garden is undoubtedly the main landmark of the city, attracts tourists from around the world and is one of the wonders of Brazil, because it has a remarkable architecture. The greenhouses allow the unique flora that only Brazil has, with flowers almost extinct, and are protected by environmental law.

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The Botanical Garden of Curitiba Botanical Gardens or Francisca Maria Garfunkel Richbieter, pays homage to the town planner Rischbieter Francisca Maria Garfunkel, one of the pioneers in the work of urban planning paranaensee the capital, is one of the main sights of the city of Curitiba, capital of the Brazilian state Paraná. It is located in the Jardim Botanico. In 2007 the monument was the most votes in an election to choose the Seven Wonders of Brazil, promoted by World Map site.

Inaugurated on October 5, 1991, the garden contains many plant specimens from Brazil and other countries around malls and greenhouses of iron and glass, the main one with three vaults of the Art Nouveau style was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London nineteenth century. The greenhouse is heated and keeps the Atlantic Forest species as Caraguatá, Caeté and Palmetto. From inside you can have a privileged view of the garden in French style.

Behind this lies the greenhouse Cultural Frans Krajcberg with the permanent exhibition "The Revolt", works of Polish artist Frans Krajcberg naturalized Brazilian. The name "The Revolt" expresses the feeling of the artist with no limits regarding the destruction caused by man in the Brazilian forests. In this gallery are exposed 110 major works, all made from the remains of burned or cut down trees illegally. There is also an exhibit of photos taken by the sculptor himself, selling books related to the artist and the possibility of visits. The main purpose of the space is, according to Krajcberg, environmental awareness.

The design by architect Abram Assad, who also designed the Botanical Museum, the Botanical Garden built in 1992, with an auditorium, research center, space for specialized library and room for temporary exhibitions and permanent. Currently, the Botanical Museum of Curitiba has the fourth largest herbarium in the country, with about 330,000 herbarium specimens - dried plants prepared for botanical collection - and collection of samples of wood and fruit. The park operates a research center of the flora of the Parana and Brazil.

All the Botanical Garden has a total area of ​​278 square meters, including the forest with rainforest preserved. It is located in the street Ostoja Roguski Engineer (First Perimeter of Neighborhoods) - Jardim Botanico.


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