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Beautiful is literally a paradise of God

About Bonito

Bonito is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul The city is known worldwide as tourist hub and its main attractions are its natural landscapes, the dips in rivers of clear water, the beautiful waterfalls, caves, caverns and sinkholes.

Exemplar sustainable tourism in the issue, Bonito is beautiful when it comes to preservation and exploitation of nature in a responsible manner.

On environmental issues, sidewalks that lead to waterfalls, caves, trails and springs are necessarily accompanied by licensed local guides.

Bonito also reserve space for those who just want to cover the shrines. For this class there is horseback riding and biking. And as much as the water is cold, theres no dodging the floating, a kind of diving.

Equipped with mask, snorkel, neoprene boots and clothes, just release the body to the stream and nature take care of the rest: to present the magnificent and colorful flora and fauna of the rivers, which have been isolated for so long for anonymity.

Beautiful is the principal municipality that includes the resort of Parque Nacional da Serra da Bodoquena, showing great potential for tourism.

In order to improve the infrastructure of tourism in Bonito, invested more than $ 130 million in construction and sanitation programs, paving and encouraging ecotourism.

Care for nature conservation and awareness is reflected in the attitude of everyone involved in tourism activities in Bonito.

Since the mandatory monitoring of Tourism Guides to the creation of private reserves, implementation of Management Plans and Environmental Impact Studies, one sees the commitment of an entire community with the custody and maintenance of tourist attractions, jewelry savannah, which are treasures for future generations.

The proximity of the Pantanal makes it possible for tourists to extend their trip and meet another ecotourism destination in Brazil.

What to do in Bonito

Faced with so many natural resources, is to get confused about which drive. So we set up some tips on tours to better orient you on what to do in Bonito.

For starters, if you want to enjoy the warmth and delight with a beautiful beach run to the Praia da Figueira, a simply charming place that will leave you slack-jawed. Surrounded by coconut palms and feet of fig, the beach has an extensive range of white sand and clear water, ideal for swimming.

But you prefer an adventure in the woods? Then check out the Formoso River Ecological Park. The tour lasts all day, starts with a walk on the trail that cuts through the forest, when they spotted several wild animals attracted to the exuberant flora. After 2300 meters the visitor reaches the Paradise Deck, where you can dive and even rafting on the Rio Formoso.

For those who like excitement, you can go adventuring and diving and rappelling in the Abyss Anhumas. At first glance the Abyss Anhumas just looks like a crack in the floor. In fact he hides in a cave 72 meters in height.

At the beginning of the adventure, we are challenged by an incredible rappel. And the excitement does not end there, the landscape of the interior of the gulf is incredible, and in summer, the lighting makes it even more special.

You can also choose to hear quieter places like City Resort and mysterious lake, an enchanting place where it is common practice diving and floating.

When to Go to Bonito

For you to make a great trip and very short day at leisure in Nice, understand the best time to meet cute.

Aiming climate

The best time of year to meet Pretty and take advantage of the beautiful pools and without feeling cold is from September until early May. Knockout sun and heat has most of the year, even during the winter and the spring waters have constant temperature between 21-24 C.

Although the springs are hot, the waters of the waterfalls drop to 18 C and can reach 15 C.

During the winter, the trail through the riparian forest and the contemplation of the river and waterfalls is an unforgettable ride, and if you are lucky and get a warmer day, i can swim in clean waters and complete the day.

Between December and March when the vegetation is green one, the highest level of rivers and waterfalls, plentiful enough, you have a breathtaking view, although the rainy season in Bonito.

In order price

In high season, in summer time, in July and December, which is vacation and holidays, the prices of lodgings, restaurants and travel agencies are very high compared to the low season.

In the busiest periods, making reservations is essential to secure a place on the sidewalks, as many attractions have limited number of visitors per day.

How to arrive in Bonito


The nearest airport is in Campo Grande, 310 miles from Nice. There are flights from major airlines, nearly all the capitals of the country to Campo Grande.

Campo Grande International Airport
Av Duque de Caxias, s / n
neighborhood Serradinho
Campo Grande - MS
CEP :79101-901
(67) 3368-6000


Road to Bonito
Tel: (67) 3255-1606

Garden Road
Tel: (67) 3251-1327

Campo Grande Road
Tel: (67) 3382-9170


Starting from Campo Grande, it follows a route of 260 km by the BR-060, through Sidrolndia, Nioaque and Guia Lopes da Laguna, until the arrival in Bonito.

From Sao Paulo via Presidente Prudente, also BR-060, entering in Mato Grosso do Sul, following up the first city in the state, Bataguassu, and then to the New Dawn Clover, toward Bright River, and Maracaj Guia Lopes da Laguna, finally arriving to Bonito.

Another option from Campo Grande is followed by the BR-262 to Anastasius, where follows the BR-419 until Guia Lopes da Laguna. Hence, a 56 km road leads to Bonito.

Main distances
Campo Grande - Bonito: 310 km

Distance between cities
Sao Paulo - Campo Grande: 1014 Km
Rio de Janeiro - Campo Grande: 1444 km
Belo Horizonte - Campo Grande: 1453 km
Salvador - Campo Grande: 2568 km

Make a Suitcase to Bonito

Bonito is a city surrounded by water, hence there are several attractions involving this delicious wonder of nature. So its time to make their case, the situation analysis of fate and what it will bring you.

Since Bonito has a spa and a beach, do not forget their sets of bikinis, bathing suits and swimwear.

For the rides that the city provides the ideal is to use tennis as it has many walking and hiking trails, which made ​​using the shoes are more comfortable. As for the clothes, the ideal is to give preference for cooler clothes such as shorts and tank top loop.

Take also a set of warm clothes as the night usually cools the proximity of rivers, making the night a little cooler.

If you plan to hike the beautiful night Beautiful, do not forget to look to mount a more social and take with you.

Remember that the ideal is to give priority to clothes that do not wrinkle easily, as well as spend time ironing, sometimes you have to contact a specialized laundry, which can be costly.

Do not forget to take your medicine kit for accidents. Also do not forget to bring makeup and beauty accessories.

Another important item to bring on a trip are the products for beauty care. Do not forget to bring shampoo, because the river water and chlorine in swimming pools can damage hair.

Also remember to bring sunscreen and insect repellent, because on account of plantations and forest, there is enough manifestation of mosquitoes. The sunscreen is ideal for those who are in contact with the sun, which is constant in Cute.

Finally, plan your trip well so that it becomes a joyful and unforgettable.

History of Bonito

The housing project that would become the seat of the municipality of Bonito, began in the land Beautiful Corner Farm, which had an area of ​​10 leagues and a half and was acquired by Mr. Eusebius by Captain Luiz da Costa Leite Falco, that there is had landed in 1869, and is considered the pioneer of Bonito, was also his first clerk and notary.

The State Law No. 693 of 11 June 1915, initially create the District Peace Beautiful, with a section from the municipality of Miranda and that subordinate administratively.

It was founded in 1927 and the creation of the Federal territory of Ponta Pora, by decree on September 21, 1943, is attached to him as District Peace Miranda.

Under the Temporary Constitutional Provisions Act of the Federal Constitution is restored to the state of Mato Grosso, in the same situation as belonging to the District Municipality of Miranda.

Finally, on October 2, 1948, by decree law raises it to the category of municipality, having its seat in the town of Bonito, constituting legal term Aquidauana County, with a single district, the headquarters city, a situation maintained by the Decree No. 1738 of December 30, 1953, which set the legal framework of the administrative-territorial state.

In 1977 the city became part of the current state of Mato Grosso do Sul

There is a legend about the city of Nice, which many still believe and spread around. The old ones say that local residents during the War of Paraguay, began in 1864, Paraguayan soldiers - who were fighting in Brazilian land - bringing gold to ensure the livelihood, trade and trade-related.

Many battles have given what is now the state of Mato Grosso do Sul During the clashes, the Paraguayans buried metal to not lose it or be stolen.

They sought a Figueira typical of the area and hid the gold under the shadow or a certain distance from the tree. In fights back, dug up and moved with the metal.

However, many Paraguayan soldiers died before reaching his treasure. Thus, the war ended in 1870.

Security of Bonito

When traveling to a destination that does not know and have no known resident there, you need to follow some safety tips, so that nothing goes wrong during the trip.

Like any city, Bonito has a team of police monitoring and assistance, plus our collaboration is essential, so we decided to leave here some tips for everything to go right.

First, do not walk alone, especially if this is the first time you are visiting Nice. This is as true as a precaution against the action of criminals and for your own welfare, because in such cases, there is a high probability of being lost.

When you go out somewhere to go where you need money, leave your wallet at home and saved only take credit cards. First, make sure all outlets in the card is accepted.

Think also about the accessories. Upon leaving, avoid walking carrying valuable objects and accessories such as rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, digital cameras and camcorders, it attracts peoples attention, among them thieves.

And most importantly, in case of loss or theft of accessories, immediately contact the police station nearest you.

Useful Phone Numbers of Bonito

Emergency Hospital - HPS
(67) 3255-3455

bus station
(67) 3255-1606

(67) 3255-4452

Civilian Police
(67) 3255-1104

Military Police
(67) 3255-1714

Municipal Tourism
(67) 3255-1850


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