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Located on the south coast of Ilhabela, Sao Paulo, Praia do Bonete, besides being a place of beautiful and lush nature, houses one of the most authentic communities caiçaras the Brazilian coast.

Access to the site is done only by boat or by a trail of about 15 km, extending from the tip to Sepituba Bonete Beach, past the waterfalls of the slab and Sanded.

  No doubt this geographical isolation, contributed to the preservation of the authentic culture caiçara. Techniques of carving canoes on tree trunks are practiced today by the residents, which has fishing as a major economic activities of the site.

Another practiced economic activity is agriculture, the cultivation of cassava deserves its prominence, from there it is the traditional Cassava Flour, used in savory cuisine caiçara.

In the garb of the residents we perceive traces of European descent, it is common to see native children, blond, blue-eyed, playing in the streets of the community.

Previously, the region was much visited by European ships that came to Brazil. This has to come too, some pirates, who plundered these ships. There are reports that the English pirate Thomas Cavendish was present in the region.

The beach is also famous among surfers, by offering good conditions for surfing. In Canto Bravo, hollow waves up to three meters high are the heads of surfers thrown.


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