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Ships that take tourists to know Camboriú are all themed and charming
Boating is another option too hot to be doing during your stay in Camboriú. The boats are all themed, with pictures and presentations pirates that guarantee to tourists more fun and entertainment during the ride. The boat takes them to various parts of the city known.

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For anyone who is looking for rest and relaxation, you´ll love the boat trips, which are made ​​by different companies.

The pirate ship, the busiest of the Spa is also the most beautiful, well-looking sailor and drawings that resemble pirate ships. During the tour you have fun with theater on board, inspired by Captain Hook.

Several boats depart from the South Jetty Bar for walks that lead to Orange Beach, passing the island of Cabras.

The tours last about an hour and a half, with several departure times in high season.


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