Boat tour of the Islands

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The boats that take tourists to stroll around the islands offer comfort and quality.
Boating in Angra dos Reis is something that can not miss. If you do not want to rent a schooner, go tour, which runs past the islands and the most famous and popular beaches of Angra, lard with stops swimming and diving. The tours last all afternoon and take you to all corners of Angra.

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Walking through the islands of Angra dos Reis is one of the most fun rides and delicious that you can do during his time there.

The boats are warm and can receive many visitors at once. Typically tours last all afternoon, going through various beaches such as Praia do Dentist, Playa de Boots, Odessa and Paquetá.

During the tour you also have the opportunity to make stops for diving and swimming in the clean and beautiful waters of Angra dos Reis.

Who does not want to rent a boat can travel on schooners that offer a day tour, with stops for snorkeling among the colorful fish that take over the green waters and crystal clear.

As it is impossible to know all, include the script as the most interesting islands of the chimes and Gipóia Itanhangá.


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