Boa Viagem Beach

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The beautiful buildings in the background lose the charm of so much beauty that Recife reserve
The Beach of Good Trip is a magnificent place, full of riches and natural beauty still preserved by man. Although it is beautiful, we must be cautious because the beach is usually to be visited by sharks in some parts of the sea. Nevertheless, the beach is quiet and receives many tourists.

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Recife is surrounded by magnificent beaches and well visited one of them is the beach of Good Voyage, one of the most visited beaches in Brazilian Northeast.

The Beach of Good Trip has room for everyone. There are seven miles of white sands, coconut palms and a sea of ​​green punctuated by pools that provide boating and diving.

More care, some areas of the sea are considered at risk for being visited by sharks often. Authorities do not recommend bathing beyond the reef to avoid shark attacks.

Also, surfing is now prohibited, although the then governor of the state, Jarbas Vasconcelos, has authorized, in early 2006, the installation of a safety net against the Sharks. Today´s attacks are rare and usually happen on the high seas.

In an extensive boardwalk for standardized kiosks, Lane Cooper, showers, volleyball and weight training equipment for attracting many tourists who seek to keep fit and exercise even traveling.

One of the busiest beach is the stretch between the streets and Felix de Melo Brito and Antonio Falcao, in front of the building Acaiaca. Full of street is all in Recife, from a fresh pineapple soup of mussels and beans, and repentistas and emboladores.


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